Cox's Motivations?

Colin Cambell has an interesting column in the AJC.

On Tuesday I asked again for an interview, e-mailing her spokesman, Kirk Englehardt, that I wanted to ask Cox who, if anyone, had helped her change the curriculum in the first place. Also, “Where and when did Ms. Cox learn about ‘intelligent design’ [a religious explanation with scientific trappings] as an alternative theory worth teaching in Georgia’s biology classes?”

Englehardt e-mailed back that “we are no longer doing interviews on this topic.”

I asked for clarification. The response: “We are now focused on the topic of improving education in the state of Georgia.”

I guess that means she won’t be owning up to her lies. That’s also the same Englehardt who claimed:

All of the theories and the education is in there. The only thing that’s missing is the one word.

Yeap, liars the lot of them.

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