Creationist Deceit in Oklahoma

Apparantly at the last moment in the Oklahoma House, two rejected creationist bills were tacked on to a popular bill about Braille textbooks. One rider had been rejected by the OK senate and would allow local districts to use state funds to buy textbooks that had been rejected by the state textbook committee. It was obvious from the beginning that is was an effort to get creationist and idist textbooks into public education classrooms. The other rider had been rejected multiple times in the past years in Oklahoma. It requires an “evolution disclaimer” to be placed on offending biology textbooks. My neighboring state of Alabama has had this disclaimer for years, and it blows my mind that somone would be trying so hard to be like Alabama. See this IIDB for more information.

PZ Myers is all for this disclaimer and has already drafted a lesson plan around them.

Why is it that creationists have to use deception? Kathy Cox tried it in Georgia by claiming that only one word was changed. She held on to the lie even after being call on it by GCISE and AJC. In fact, she repeated it in her “truth about Georgia’s proposed biology curriculum” press release, which tried to do damage control after Pres. Carter’s statements were passed around the globe. That press release has since quitely vanished from their website, but I still have a copy.

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