"Waky, Waky, Eggs and Bacy."

I’d just like to say that Kill Bill vols. 1 & 2 are awesome. I’ve watched the DVD of vol. 1 three or four times since I got it on Wednesday. I saw vol. 2 on Friday by myself and again on Sunday with Tiffany, my wife. Great cinema. It will be even greater if there is ever an extended director’s cut that puts the two of them together.

The second volume is different from the first; it concentrates more on dialog and detailing the backstory than on action. However, the best action scene in the volumes is in the second one when The Bride fights Elle Driver.

I just wish that the movies were a little more balanced. So much time was spent detailing O-Ren’s backstory that I want the same treatment for the other five characters.

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Posted by mrmaniac on July 26, 2004 9:20 AM

I loved KB. Still i think Vol 2 is a whole lot more violent than 1. That thing with Elle´s eye…
And Budd´s death is just cruel, man. Still I loved the fact that The Bride could not kill Budd herself. Budd is the only character I liked in the movie. All of the rest´was pure fun. I didn´t even sympathize with the Bride. =P
But Hattori Hanzo was also funny too.