I was board this morning, so I decided to examine my access logs. Using a perl script that I whipped up, I have produce a table of the domains that send things my way. The Panda’s Thumb and Pharyngula are at the top of the list. There are also various flavors of Google in the list. I decided to leave the spam in the list because I’m lazy.

pandasthumb.org670 pharyngula.org604
laero.cyberdot.nl118 google.com111
evolutionblog.blogspot.com68 mblog.com60
iidb.org40 darwin.bc.asu.edu36
home.rochester.rr.com35 pharyngula.com30
kenethmiles.blogspot.com23 tangledbank.net23
sitemeter.com18 technorati.com14 strangedoctrines.typepad.com11
decorabilia.blogspot.com10 bisso.com9
livejournal.com9 cotch.net8
google.de8 blo.gs8
aeternam626.com7 wam.umd.edu7
google.ca6 amateurxpass.com6
xuande.livejournal.com5 gallerylisting.com5 google.fr4 hallofmaat.com4
search.netscape.com3 evowiki.org3
wiki.cotch.net3 paris-hilton-video.blogspot.com3 nudecelebblogs.com3
geocities.com3 shatteredreality.net3 mysearch.myway.com2
answerbus.com2 natcenscied.org2
p082.ezboard.com2 metamirror.org2
google.fi2 evcforum.net2
english.spampoison.com2 freenudecelebrity.net2
google.nl2 google.ch2
sciteacher.com2 scienceport.org2 kinja.com2 msxml.excite.com1
google.be1 radiovoxpopuli.org1 thehallofmaat.com1 google.pl1 blogshares.com1
freewebcams.reallyconfused.com1 websearch.cnn.com1 ref.spoof.org1
stcynic.blogspot.com1 google.ie1 1142.net1 dogpile.com1
home.bellsouth.net1 physicsforums.com1
search.virgilio.it1 blogger.com1 google.se1
pi-o.com1 britneyspearsnude.blogspot.com1
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Posted by Paige on May 16, 2004 12:24 PM

Congratulations! Someone at linked to you. I think this is a huge honor, although I probably cannot articulate why.

Posted by PZ Myers on May 17, 2004 5:22 PM

No! I thought Paris Hilton loved only me!

Here are my top referers:
#reqs: %reqs: URL
—–: ——: —
12749: 13.18%:
7013: 7.25%:…
2983: 3.08%:
2933: 3.03%:
2916: 3.02%:
2803: 2.90%:
2401: 2.48%:
2166: 2.24%:
1576: 1.63%:
1496: 1.55%:
1491: 1.54%:
1312: 1.36%:
1204: 1.25%:
1199: 1.24%:
1035: 1.07%:

It’s a bit of a cheat, though – those Panda’s Thumb badges are copied all over the place, and every link counts as a hit to my server – so that trumpetherald thing, for instance, is a forum for trumpet players where somebody uses the badge as a sig. And I’ve set my logfile analyzer to not count google hits, which would otherwise be king.

Posted by Reed on May 17, 2004 5:42 PM


What logfile analyzer do you use?