Tangled Bank #4

This is the fourth installment of the Tangled Bank, a “carnival of the vanities” focusing on biology. We have eight entries this week, covering cavies to Spartina.

  1. Are you a pet lover? Birdie of Beauty Dish details escapades with her pet cavies. That’s guinea pigs to us laypeople.
  2. Do the politics of prescription drug prices interest you? Dr. Thomas Boyle of CodeBlueBlog cites R&D successes for reasons why politicians should not bind the hands of drug companies for short-term gains.
  3. On the front of reproductive biology, Courtney Ostaff, of aethele, has a comprehensive list of birth control alternatives for girls who think the pill is the only option.
  4. For those interested in advanced genetics, PZ Myers, of Pharyngula covers transcription factors and morphogens using the Drosophila gene, bicoid, as an example.
  5. Worried about hybrid aliens invading the US? Richard Hall, aka A Brit Abroad, describes some of his adventures with invasive hybrid Spartina.
  6. Wondering what that mass of bugs is in your backyard? University of Maryland graduate student, Jason South of Borneo Chela, some fresh pictures of the cicada emergence from the DC area.
  7. Ready to forget cicadas? Syaffole has an invasion of caterpillars to worry about.
  8. Like birds? Mike Bergin of 10000 birds describes why you should appreciate seeing a tundra swan.

Jason South of Borneo Chela is up in two weeks to host the next tangled bank.

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The Fourth edition of The Tangled Bank, a bi-weekly CoTV scion focusing on biology, has been posted.... [Read More]

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Check it out over on De Rerum Natura...links to good biology stories. You can find more general information on what the Tangled Bank is about at the Tangled Bank website. If you're inspired and have your own science writing... [Read More]

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The fourth installment of Tangled Bank, a carnival of the vanities for biology blogging, is up at De Rarum Natura. [Read More]

Posted by Reed on June 2, 2004 9:58 PM

TB4 has been updated. I wasn’t able to access 10k birds this morning, so I added that entry this evening when I could.

Posted by Mike on June 3, 2004 12:00 AM

Glad to be here!