Anger rising...

The California Alternative High School in Los Angeles targets Hispanic immigrants, promising them that a 10-week course can grant them a valid diploma which can help them get a job. However, the school is not accredited and has ignored court orders to stop taking advantage of immigrants.

[California Attorney General Bill] Lockyer said the curriculum consisted of a slim workbook riddled with errors, including:

  1. The United States has 53 states but the “flag has not yet been updated to reflect the addition of the last three states” – Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.
  2. World War II began in 1938 and ended in 1942.
  3. There are two houses of Congress – the Senate and the House, and “one is for Democrats and the other is for the Republicans, respectively.”

The school’s chief executive officer, Daniel Gossai, claimed to have a teaching credential and two doctorates, but prosecutors said they found no evidence that he does. He was a teacher at Victor Valley Community College in the late 1970s, but was fired for immoral conduct, dishonesty and being unfit for service, Lockyer said.


It is clear to me that Gossai is not simply teaching errors, but deliberately doing it. I bet he and his friends get a good laugh about teaching immigrants to be ignorant, while taking their money. I really hope that he gets shut down and sent to jail.

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Posted by Bridget on February 8, 2005 2:41 PM

I was one of the students who took this program and I am not an immigrant but just a believer that God gives you chances to achieve the dreams you always wanted to. Unfortunatly you have to watch out for the few snakes in the grass who would like nothing more than to hurt God’s people. I believe that everyone who was hurt with this program will seek justice and prevail with gods judgement. Thank You.