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Gay activists are reporting that they have tapes of the second most conservative representative, Ed Schrock of Virgina, solicitating some male bonding, including the line “You must be very discreet. I cannot overemphasize that.” The activists are accusing Schrock of being a hypocrite by opposing gay rights and being a “pro-family” republican while cheating on his wife by solicitating hot man love.

After these allegations surfaced earlier in the week, Schrock retired in the middle of his campaign while leaving the Republicans in his district looking for a replacement.

I’m still looking for conservative responses to this news, but haven’t found any.

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This guy’s just your typical conservative. Gingrich is on wife #3 I think. Limbaugh’s #3 just left him. Abortions, gambling, philandering, accusing political opponents of drug trafficking…they’re really a seedy group.

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