Project Steve Steve

In case some of my readers haven’t noticed, we are trying something new at the Panda’s Thumb: Project Steve Steve.

My wife and I first met Prof. Steve Steve a few months ago when we were out letterboxing. We spent a considerable amount of time conversing with him. Based on this conversation, I asked the contributors to the Panda’s Thumb if we wanted to invite Prof. Steve Steve to contribute to our group blog. Everyone was very excited about having Prof. Steve Steve join the Panda’s Thumb and tell us about his adventures.

So far Prof. Steve Steve has told us about his visits to the Anderson Lab at UGA and Princeton. He is now in Kansas gearing up to participate in the events surrounding a kangaroo court seeking to corrupt biology education in the state. He also plans to visit the University of Minnesota, Morris and visit the World’s Largest Ball of String. After that who knows where his travels will take him.

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Posted by Mandi on April 17, 2005 9:05 PM

Yay!! What a cute panda bear! Me and Tiff tried s hard to find a good one! But we failed. This one is so cute though! I’m glad he is having adventures….the ball of string will be great!! Where is it? Maybe Tiffany and I can walk there!!! LOL