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Two Sundays ago, Peter on Fox’s popular animated cartoon show, Family Guy, believed that he was a genius for winning Trivial Pursuit with preschool-level questions. To prove it he took an IQ test, but the test revealed that he had “below-retarded” intelligence (Episode 59). This is the chart the doctor showed him:

But I imagine that creationists won’t be offended because they call themselves “intelligent design” supporters now.

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From the Family Guy ... so don't blame me :) Peter Griffin goes for an IQ test. The doc explains his results with this simple to understand comparative chart. Props to Reed. Clickie for biggie. Read More


I like how the MD is smoking.


What I like is that the title says “petarded” and so I thought you spelled “retarded” wrong…which would then make you, well you fill in the blanks!

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